Quality Control / Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance System

Our focus on quality is evident in everything we manufacture, test and deliver. It’s this emphasis on quality, innovative technology and complete contract manufacturing solutions that drives our business and provides our customers with significant competitive advantages in the global marketplace. We conduct quality control in each stage of our production according to the following Quality Assurance System to ensure your requirements and expectations are met on an ongoing basis.

As one part of the system, our Quality Control of Raw Materials uses very strict supplier qualification process for bar stocks, castings and forgings which is second to none. Our machining factory and our certified suppliers must meet a rigorous audit driven by our 20 years of experience. We know what questions to ask in our audits, and we have learned what is really required of our sub-suppliers to deliver global quality raw materials. It is more than seeing equipment that looks right, or yes and no answers in a cursory audit. We take the time to drill down to the actual shop-floor methodology to insure we can count on a supplier to meet your requirements throughout the product life cycle. Our outsourced material, no matter it’s distributed product like bar stocks or castings and forgings from our subcontractor, we utilize material certifications for all incoming lots of material–BUT we also check the material in our own on-house material testing laboratory to "trust but verify"–doubly insuring your low-risk supply chain.

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