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Casting offers unlimited freedom in design and material choices. Matson is specialized and experienced in supplying high-quality custom castings together with a broad range of secondary operations like machining, surface treatment and etc. per our customers’ specific requirements. To eliminate any potential failure, we apply AutoCad, Pro/E and Solidworks for pattern development and Magmasoft for casting process evaluation prior to tooling development. To achieve castings with complex configuration, we use water soluble and ceramic cores. Typical applications can be found in the valve, pump, automotive, food industry, architecture and etc.


Specification Process
Possible Material
Material Standard
Casting Dimension Tolerance
Secondary Operation Surface Treatment International Practice
and Standard
Investment Casting Carbon Steel American ASTM Standard,
Germany DIN Standard,
Japanese JIS Standard,
0.60lb – 500lb CT5 - CT6 grade CNC machining,
Hydro Test,
Dynamic Balancing
Chrome Plating,
Zinc Plating/HDG,
Nickel Plating/ENP,
Paint/Powder Coat/Ecoat
PED 2014/68/EU,
IATF 16949
Stainless Steel
Tool Steel
Sand Casting Ductile Iron >= 0.1lb CT5 - CT6 grade
CT8 - CT9 grade
Grey Iron
Non-ferrous Metal
Die Casting Aluminum 0.01lb – 100lb CT5 - CT6 grade
CT6 - CT7 grade
Magnesium Alloy